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Pricing can get complicated but we're always ready with a tape and calculator. Here is a quick primer of how we price in our showroom with some illustrations and examples:


Illustration-> 1'x1'x1” thick piece = 1 board foot.  (example)  6" x 8" x 72" Long =

Board Foot = Length (inches) x Width( inches) x Thickness (inches) /144

Board Foot = Length(feet) x Width (inches) x Thickness (inches) /12


Board Foot = Length(feet) x Width(feet) x Thickness(inches) 

We price all of our flooring, wall cladding and barnboard by square footage. Loose barnboards are priced individually and the cladding and flooring are bundled into convenient packages of approx. 10-40 sq. Ft depending on width.


All planks/boardstock are priced by board footage which is a volume calculation that takes into consideration the thickness of the material. As an example: 


The different species we stock have different prices/ board foot so all you have to do is calculate the board footage of a given piece and multiply by the price. We've taken the liberty of converting that calculation to more user friendly linear footage pricing for the most common dimensions and species that we have in the showroom. As a default, we always return to the board footage calculation for irregular pieces that do not fall within these guidelines.


Our timbers are also all priced by board footage. The calculation method is the same and

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