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All of our remilled wall cladding products are milled with a consistent shiplap profile and thickness to make mixing widths and products possible. Please account for a minimum of 10%-15% waste factor. Click on any image to view specifications and pricing.

Re-milled Flooring


All of our solid re-milled flooring products have a tongue and groove profile, relief cuts on the underside, and are kiln dried. They are all made from locally reclaimed wood. Available in single or mixed widths. Please account for a waste factor of a minimum of 15%. Click on any image to view specifications and pricing.

Recaimed Flooring


We have a wide selection of reclaimed flooring ranging from 1 1/2” thick subfloor to 3/8” thick strip flooring that was so prevalent in this area. We have a large variety of species, dimensions and quantities of flooring ideal for patching an existing floor, small flooring projects or using within custom furniture projects. Images below are sanded examples (material is sold as-is). Click on any image to view specifications and pricing. Below are just some of our flooring options. Looking for something specific? Contact us! 

Surface Cladding


Reclaimed, as-is surface cladding. Cladding may have original straight edge, tongue & groove, or shiplap profiles. Please account for a minimum of 15% waste factor. Click on any image to view specifications and pricing.



Due to our reclamation process in partnership with Kieswetter Demolition, we sell almost exclusively locally derived softwood boardstock. The dimensions, texture, and patina differ based on the age of the material and its previous application. Our inventory varies as material is sourced, but we attempt to always have Pine, Hemlock, Spruce, and Douglas Fir options in the showroom. These air dried indoor stocks max out at 12’ long, but please inquire about longer lengths. Click on any image to view specifications and pricing.

Timbers and Beams


With the vast majority of our hardwood timbers being re-milled into our flooring stock, our inventory primarily consists of a wide selection of both hand hewn and rough-sawn softwood timbers. Dimensions typically range from 4” x 4” up to 12” x 12”. Glu-lam timbers in both Spruce and Douglas Fir are also available in a range of sizes.  We are typically able to fulfill any timber request for as-is material or a custom milled order. Click on any image to view specifications and pricing.

Inventory Builds


Inventory furniture built from our reclaimed wood products available for purchase. Want something custom based off of these designs or a different idea? Contact one of our sales associates to get your project started! You can contact us here

*Images are a representations only. Exact boards are unique and vary in colour, grain, and texture.

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