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What a great term for everything that doesn't fit in one of the other categories! Since we make an effort to divert everything possible from landfill this category can really contain any number of items at a given time. From exterior structural and decorative items like corbels, gingerbread trim, and barn vents to our wide ranging stock of masonry, interior trim, tin ceiling, lighting, hardware, doors, windows, stair parts and plumbing fixtures. We can even get you set up with an intact decorative entrance way or entire timber framed building if you're dreaming big!


Throughout the years we have definitely found our 'sweet spot' along with the limitations and challenges our materials can present. That said, we also aren't afraid to try something new if we believe we are capable of meeting your expectations and budget. Our entire sales staff and fabrication team relish the challenges that come with custom designing and building one of a kind pieces that both you and we can be proud of. As general rules we offer free on the spot ballparks, detailed quotations delivered within a week and a full fabrication timeline of 4-6 weeks from the date we receive a signed order form and 50% deposit on the project.


We have a long list of happy customers that have gone through our custom process and the best way to see those results is through our instagram feed.


Don't have 4-6 weeks? We're used to that too. Our showroom is usually stocked with a handful of dining tables, finished mantels, desks and console tables. We also have a successful combination coffee table and bench series that can be purchased unfinished on the spot or sent for custom finishing by us with a 1-2 week timeline.

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