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Just as each timber, sink or brick that we sell has a history and story, there is a long and proud history behind both the Company itself and property it now calls home. The story of the Timeless Material Co. started long before the purchase of this 10 acre property at 305 Northfield Dr. E. that now houses our retail showroom, Linen & Lore Home, & Camellia Bakeshop


Since the formation of Kieswetter Demolition Inc. in 1930, the extraction and resale of suitable building materials and components has always been an important part of the business model. Whether working in the commercial, industrial or residential sphere, Kieswetter Demo's careful extraction and reclamation of a wide variety of product has diverted countless tonnes from local waste management facilities and preserved local history for younger generations to enjoy. That spirit of salvage, deconstruction, and reuse has been passed down through four generations of Kieswetter's in what remains a tightly knit, family run enterprise. In years past this material may have been sold directly off of the job site or from one of the previous equipment yards. In fact, many of our long standing clients, whether individual, developer, contractor, architect or designer, still fondly remember visiting the yard in Heidelberg. 


The expansion and evolution of the demolition business, along with excellent timing, led to the purchase of 305 Northfield Dr. E. property in Waterloo in 2002. The existing barn, constructed in the mid 1800's, was the first focus of Ken's passion and vision that are so evident if you've ever met him or read past press about Timeless and/or Kieswetter Demolition. Extensive renovations were undertaken over the course of the next few years to transform it into the four level showroom that today houses our retail offerings.


The same thought and care has continued in our other redevelopment projects like  the new Kieswetter Demolition Head Office – the former Madison Steel building in Kitchener. In this business, respecting and celebrating the past are a huge part of what we do. In the same way that we are giving a second life to what we salvage, we are hopeful that the former occupants of these properties, including the Snyder and Toman families, who were the homesteaders who left us such wonderful buildings to work from, are proud of the second life that we feel we are giving them!

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